After 20 Years: Gender and Work in Contemporary Japan

Lundi 21 mars 2016

Meeting with Pr. Konno Minako

In 1984, Takie SUGIYAMA LEBRA captured the remnant of Japanese women’s strong presence in the productive sphere, which was often associated with family and local communal relations, as well as the new aspiration that women had begun to express (Japanese Women: Constraint and Fulfillment). In 1993, IWAO Sumiko documented a clear trend of women’s polarization, women who understood their work as option, as one of their multiple roles as a wife and a mother, on one side, and women who regarded their work as profession, on the other (Japanese Woman: Traditional Image and Changing Reality). After more than 20 years, what is happening to contemporary Japanese women (and men)? To what extent those authors’ predictions have come true? This talk assesses the current trend and discusses a possible future.

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Konno Minako, who holds a PhD in Sociology from the University of Tōkyō, is professor at the Department of Sociology of Tokyo Woman’s Christian University. She teaches post-graduate courses within the field of human and social sciences, focused on discerning the emergence of social cooperation and cultural coexistence at a global scale, as well as lifelong human development. She is interested in both empirical and normative studies.
Her empirical works focus on gender relations in the contemporary as well as historical Japanese workplace. Her works in normative social theory aim for constructing a vision of our better living together in a pluralistic society, with particular emphasis on the diversity of gender-related worldviews.
“Kōsei na koyō kikai – seijiteki riberarizumu ni yoru ichi shiron” (Fair employment opportunity: An Essay in Political
Liberalism), Annual reports of the Department of Sociology of the Tokyo Woman’s University, vol.2, pp. 43-60, 2014.
“Reconceptualizing Gender Equality: A Pluralist View”, Kokusai bunkagaku kenkyū, vol. 27, pp.29-49, 2007.


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