Structural changes in the Japanese labor markets: did bad jobs dominate good jobs?

Jeudi 10 mars 2016

Meeting with Pr. Ryo Kambayashi

The recent changes in the Japanese labor market have caused the number of non-standard workers to rise significantly. If the phenomenon seen as the result of de-regulation on labor markets has already been widely discussed, Pr. Kambayashi intends to present the issue in a wider perspective, considering the decline in informal sectors as the key.

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Ryo Kambayashi is a Professor at the Institute of Economic Research of Hitotsubashi University. He holds a Ph.D. of the University of Tokyo (Faculty of Economics) and his fields of expertise are Labor Economics, Japanese Economy, Economic History, Law and Economics. His previous occupations include an Assistant Professor position at Tokyo Metropolitan University and visiting positions at Yale University (2006-2007) and Stanford University (2001-2003).
His latest publications are “The Minimum Wage in a Deflationary Economy: The Japanese Experience, 1994-2003”, Labor Economics, Vol. 24, pp. 264-276, 2013, (with Daiji Kawaguchi and Ken Yamada); “Incidence of Strict Quality Standards: Protection of Consumers or Windfall for Professionals?”, Journal of Law and Economics, Vol. 57, pp. 195-224, 2014, (avec Daiji Kawaguchi et Tetsushi Murao).

This round table will be held in English

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