Rémi Bourgeot at the ASEF Outlook Report 2014/2015

Rémi Bourgeot, Chief
Economist of Asia Centre,
will… Read more

Yoo Junghwan participated in a talk entitled “Aspects and Trends in Contemporary Korean Culture

Yoo Junghwan, editor-in-chief
of Korea Analysis,
… Read more

Participation of Antoine Bondaz in the project: G-20’s Expectations & Roles for the Korean Unification

Antoine Bondaz, Coordinator
of Asia Centre's Korea
Programme,… Read more


National and International Challenges for the Special Law on Protecting State Secrets

Friday 18 July 2014

The vote held on 6 December 2013 for the Special Law on Protecting State Secrets (tokutei himitsu hogo hô) has been surrounded by a lively debate in Japan: both the Japanese political left and right have not hesitated to define this hastily voted law as anti-democratic as it provides heavy sanctions against any person disclosing, without...

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China-India's Relations following Modi's Election

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